Koch's Postulates

Toxins: Endotoxins and Exotoxins

The Role of Adhesion in Infection

Microbial Mechanisms

Bacteria in the Stomach

Carbohydrate Biosynthesis

Lipid Biosynthesis

Amino Acid Biosynthesis

Nucleotide Biosynthesis

Feedback Inhibition of Enzymes

Oxidation and Reduction Reactions of Glycolysis

Stem Bud under Microscope

Apical Meristem

Closer View of Xylem Tissue

Vascular Bundle from Stem

Stem Cross-section

Root Endodermis under Microscope

Xylem and Phloem Tissues

Root Cross Section - 2

Phloem in between Xylem

Ranunculus Root Cross-Section

Cross-section of Root

Mechanism of Allergy

Cytotoxic T Cells Killing Infected Cells

Function of Helper T-Cells

Antibody-Antigen Interaction

Antibody Structure Details

Primary Immune Response Graph

Clonal Selection Theory

Immune System Responses

Lymphatic System Diagram

Inflammatory Response Steps

Humoral Immunity Diagram